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Duane Butterfield

Duane Butterfield Joins the Just Shutters Family: A New Chapter Unfolds in Cheshire

Just Shutters proudly introduces Duane Butterfield as the newest addition to our expanding family franchise network. His journey to becoming the Managing Director of Just Shutters Cheshire is a testament to the fusion of passion and expertise that defines our brand.

Duane’s story mirrors our commitment to excellence, drawing on a successful 16-year career in the chemical industry across Northern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

“Just Shutters became a beacon of opportunity for me,” shares Duane. “Their exceptional products and top-notch service were impossible to resist. I am excited to be a part of a business that not only shares my passion for quality but also welcomes me with a sense of professionalism.”

Chris Rocker, Duane Butterfield and Sarah Clifford
Duane Butterfield, Just Shutters Cheshire MD, with Chris Rocker, Founder, and Sarah Clifford, Sales Director, signs his contract.

The allure of Just Shutters extends beyond the products and services we offer. It lies in the strong sense of community and professionalism that permeates our entire business. Duane is eager to contribute to this vision, ensuring that customers in Cheshire experience not only the finest in window shutters but also a service that reflects the warmth and professionalism he values.

As Just Shutters Cheshire opens its doors under Duane Butterfield’s leadership, the community can anticipate not only top quality shutter solutions but also a personalised touch that reflects the passion and dedication of its new franchisee. 

The journey is just beginning, and Duane, along with Just Shutters, is excited to embark on this adventure of enhancing homes and creating lasting impressions in the charming landscapes of Cheshire. 

Welcome to the family, Duane!

If you are interested in finding out more about a Just Shutters business, contact Sarah on 01202 233 744 and start your own Just Shutters journey today.

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