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Habits that stick

How to build habits that stick!

A lot of research has gone into behaviour change by B.J Fogg. His method known as the ‘Fogg Behaviour Model’ identifies the basics of building a new habit.

According to the Fogg Model any behaviour change happens when three things align at the same moment.

These are: Motivation / Ability / Prompt (M.A.P)
Let’s go into a little detail.

The three ingredients necessary for building a successful habit are:

1. Motivation – You need to be motivated to perform the habit.
2. Ability (Difficulty) – You need to have the ability to perform the habit. i.e. the habit has to be easy enough to perform.
3. Prompt (or reminder) You need to have something that reminds you to perform the habit.
If any of these essential ingredients are missing then the habit won’t stick.

Remember that making the habit TINY will mean cultivating a much happier and healthier route to success. Making it too difficult to start with means running the risk of losing interest and quickly becoming demotivated.

Have a healthy and happy week.


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