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What is Franchising?

The realm of franchising is thriving within the UK. 

Every day, we are touched by multiple franchises, yet many of us don’t even realize it.  From petrol stations to coffee houses and fast-food restaurants, franchises are everywhere we turn.

Simply put, a franchise is the right or licence granted by a company, the franchisor, to an individual, the franchisee, to market and/or trade products and services in a specific area or territory.

If you are looking to start your own business but are unsure of important factors such as how to market your products and services, then take heart – a franchising prospect offers the security of having an established brand behind you, mitigating the risks of going it alone. 

Investing in a franchise such as Just Shutters is the perfect way to become your own boss. With the backup of such a trusted brand, their support systems and proven strategies, flying solo will be invigorating, not intimidating! 

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